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Melbourne Carpet Care is domestic  & commercial  carpet  & upholstery cleaning company based in Doncaster, in the East of Melbourne. Melbourne Carpet Care proudly provides  Carpet Steam Cleaning, Dry Carpet Cleaning ,Upholstery Cleaning, Water Damage, Carpet Repair and Carpet Stretching, services not only within the central and Eastern suburbs but services all suburbs around metropolitan Melbourne. Melbourne Carpet Care has been established by an experienced Chemical Engineer and prides itself on the outstanding quality of workmanship and the durability of cleaning results.

Carpet cleaning is what we do better than anyone else. You may think all carpet cleaners are the same. They’re not. Don’t be mislead by their often cheaper prices, as that is all their service has going for it. At Melbourne Carpet Care, you are not hiring a sub-contractor who doesn’t care about you or your carpet or some worker who makes a commission on every extra he sells to you.

When you decide and invest in our company, to care for your Carpets you are investing in a genuine operator, who is certified, has a written guarantee, trained and fully insured, whose only interest is to impress you with quality cleaning, service beyond all the others… Along with a better end results & our personnel touch, you will feel comfortable and keep coming back year after year. The BEST reason for you to choose us is because WE care about YOU as our customer and we want you to keep coming back to us again in the future.

Think of this for a moment: No other item in your office or home absorbs more wear and tear on a daily basis as well as accumulates dirt affecting the air you breathe than your carpet, and no other item can affect the appearance of your office or home like your carpet can.

Carpets should be professionally cleaned every six months to a year. Not only does Melbourne Carpet Care, have the equipment and expertise to fully remove dirt and detergent, everyone at Melbourne Carpet Care, undergoes a training program at IICRC and are tested on fibre identification and the right and proper cleaning procedure to be applied to the different carpet in the market.

Here at Melbourne Carpet Care our focus has always been customer service and satisfaction, providing the best quality cleaning at an affordable price

With experience in carpet and upholstery care , our service techniques are up to date, environmentally friendly and affordable for you to keep your carpet and upholstery cleaner than ever, provides a healthier indoor environment for your family or workspace and beautifully groomed to last longer.

We address all your needs and concerns. Whatever your concerns are whether it be an end of lease clean with your bond on the line or an owner wanting the best results for their family home Melbourne Carpet Care will have the answers.

Here at MCC Melbourne Carpet Care we prove to you that because WE CARE we are the carpet cleaners you should have to do the job for you.

Why You Would Choose MCC Melbourne Carpet Care

Melbourne Carpet Care has a 100% satisfaction guarantee – this means that we are committed to quality carpet clean – if for some reason you are not satisfied with a particular area we offer to come out again and clean it for free. If we still cannot make you happy then we will return your money in respect of that area of work plus we will pay for another carpet care professional of your choice to clean the carpet.

Melbourne Carpet Care invests in customer satisfaction – we want you to call us back again and again and in years to come to clean your carpet. We take pride in our work so you will feel proud that the carpet has been cleaned as close as possible to its original condition, providing a healthier indoor environment and beautifully groomed to last longer.

Melbourne Carpet Care utilises current technology and appropriate equipment in ensuring that the job is conducted according to prescribed cleaning standards and application of bio-degradable cleaning agents. Applying correct techniques and high quality equipment can ensure that you have a rewarding quality carpet cleaning experience which does not become a nightmare causing frustration and incurring even more money to rectify the cleaning process later.

Melbourne Carpet Care committed technicians are trained and certified by a professional body in carpet inspection, cleaning and restoration. They are capable of identifying the proper cleaning procedures giving you peace of mind that you have a trustworthy and genuine professional doing the job for you.

Melbourne Carpet Care provides an obligation free quotation during inspection in determining the price and at your convenience. This means that your price is based on the scope of the work to be done and not based on just giving you a price to get the job and then delivering a lesser quality carpet clean.

Because We CARE!

The commitment at MCC Melbourne Carpet Care distinguishes us from other carpet cleaners who may charge you what may seem a bargain but do not deliver to expectations of quality carpet clean.

If you are intending to spend your money to clean your carpet and require a high standard quality clean rather than a sloppy and rushed job then the lowest quote you receive will not be the only criteria you consider. Certainly the lowest quote will definitely not deliver the best carpet clean results that you are looking for.

MCC can assure you of professional, high quality standard of work and satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is the foundation of our carpet care business and we do our best to keep our customers happy with a high quality carpet cleaning experience.