Carpet Steam And Dry Cleaning

Melbourne Carpet Care (MCC) is a carpet steam and carpet dry cleaning business. Established by an experienced Chemical Engineer, we provide steam carpet cleaning services to domestic and commercial properties covering Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs.
Not all carpet cleaning companies or cleaners are the same. You must decide to use a certified technician, who has been formally trained and qualified by examination, for example IICRC. Trained technician will able to identify the correct cleaning requirements and procedures that best suit your carpet. You need a technician who will clean to Australian Standards (AS 37331995) as minimum requirement. Decisions should not be base on the cheapest price that has been quoted.
Questions that should be ask to any prospective carpet cleaner before allowing them to proceed with the work:

  • Are you a formally qualified IICRCI technician?
  • Do you clean to Australian Standard (AS/NZS:3733-1995)?
  • Do you provide a pre-inspection and obligation free quote?
  • Do you a written performances guarantee in place?

Note : A good indication of quality is presentation of the personnel (with uniform), well kept equipments and a sign written vehicle.


Carpet Steam Cleaning Services
Steam or dry clean? That’s a question we are asked frequently. Steam cleaning is a deeper clean, lifting out the deep down, ingrained grit and dirt. Dry cleaning is a surface clean or maintenance purposes.
There are generally two types of services that you can expect to pay for, however only one is recommended:
Basic Steam Clean
The industry “standard” cleaning process use by a lot of untrained cleaners involves only two cleanings stages. Firstly the detergent is sprayed onto the carpet and then quickly rinsed with hot water. For this method, to comply the minimum Australian Standard 3733-1995, the carpet will have to be vacuum with a dual upright motor vacuum cleaner.
There are operators who not spray the detergent onto the carpet but mixed the detergent in the solution tank and proceed directly to the rinsing the carpet with “soapy” hot water. Although this is very quick and easy for the operator this type of “quick” clean is the reason why most people are disappointed with the end outcome/results once the carpet is dry. This type of service usually costs below $2.00 per square meter and saves the operator a lot of time.


Carpet Services – Deluxe (Full Clean)
This is the ultimate in cleaning services and involves multiple stages of cleaning (usually between five and seven) depending on the carpet type, age and condition. Because it involves three times the number of cleaning stages it also takes double the time compare to the basic steam clean The cost for this type of service is anywhere from $3.00 to $4.50 per square meter.


Steps involved:

  • Preliminary inspection: of your carpets by an IICRC Qualified technician.
  • Pre-Vacuuming*: with industrial/ hospital grade vacuum cleaner.
  • Careful movement of furniture* – as necessary
  • Pre-conditioning/Pre-Spray: and spotting (some spots and stains) – detergent will be applied hot for it to work immediately.
  • Rotary agitation with soft brush or pad (to loosen soiling) –agitation will loosen soiling from the carpet fibres and mix detergent with the carpet pile.
  • Powerful truck mount steam extraction – powerful equipment delivers higher heat and more vacuum.
  • Rotary dry pad to leave your carpets dry.
  • Replace furniture with protective tabs – foam blocks elevate furniture and tabs prevent transfer of moisture, protecting carpets and furniture.
  • Final grooming to remove cleaning marks: – resets the carpet pile to live it standing to maximise appearance and reduce drying time.

Note: * Depends on the requirement/necessity, severity of the carpet condition and budget allocated.located.


Stain Removals
We all encounter stains on our carpets at some point in time. Wine, coffee, soda, pop, food, grease and pets can all leave spots or stains. These also can become breeding grounds for bacteria. MCC has the knowledge, experience, and products to deal with all your spots that have not set. We evaluate every situation prior to cleaning, discuss your options and proceed accordingly on every job. However, there is always a possibility that a stain has set and will not release (hair dye, some planter stains, etc.). If the spot is able to be removed, we can do it!
Note: Extra services such as specialty spot and stain removal and Soil/Stain protection are available from a certified technician at an additional expense. Your needs and expectations will be discussed and quoted prior to commencement of any work.


Carpet Dry Cleaning
At Melbourne Carpet Care, due to some specific demand and condition, we do provide an excellent carpet dry cleaning process. The process that we have been using and are comfortable with, for last couple of years is call “Encapsulation”

Encapsulation is a crystallizing polymer technology. The chemical use form’s a distinct crystal when it dries. The crystal is the vehicle that enables a good encapsulator to capture soil so it can be removed through post-vacuuming.
The process that involved is:

Pre-Vacuuming: The first step that is performed before any carpet cleaning process is a good pre-vacuuming. According to a well documented study, dry soil comprises 79% of the total soil in a carpet. Removal of the dry soil is very important. If we were to add a cleaning solution to a carpet filled with dry soil we would, in effect, make mud..

Pre-Treating: If there are more heavily soiled areas, pre-treating can assist the cleaning process. After allowing a few minutes of dwell time we will proceed with scrubbing the carpet in the normal manner while dispensing the detergent through the solution tank.

Scrubbing Technique: Scrubbing the carpet by working the scrubber at a moderate pace. We will make a wet pass by holding the solution valve open – then return over the same pass without releasing more detergent. In most cases one wet-pass followed with one dry-pass is all that’s needed. If the carpet needs a little more scrubbing because it’s heavily soiled we will simply make additional dry passes (just a touch more solution can be applied during the extra passes fiber.

Carpet Grooming: To remove cleaning marks – resets the carpet pile to live it standing to maximise appearance and reduce drying time.
Results : Sparkling Spot Free Carpet that you can walk on almost immediately..